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FALL 2021

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As time approaches to pull out the puffy jackets and start layering, perfume is a vital accessory you do not want to slack on. Colder times call for stronger projections, thus its important to change out your perfume from summer as it will not settle the same as before. Our body heat keys into the way scents develop throughout the day. Summer days consist of sweating and producing whereas fall days are spent bundling up in a warm blanket to produce heat. Pick the right fragrance to create a unique immaculate vibe.

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9 Notes That Work Well in Fall

  • Vanilla
  • Cardamom
  • Vetiver
  • Oud
  • Sandalwood 
  • Musk
  • Berries
  • Tubberose
  • Pepper

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This is the part that makes our company, Intense Oud special. What better note to seek in fragrances for the fall season then oud? Developed from primarily in the dense forests of Southeast Asia, India, and Bangladesh: Oud is an essential oil crafted through extracting resinous heartwood of the agar tree. There is no doubt on how luxurious and expensive this ingredient is, after all it is known as the "five thousand dollar per pound scent." But another awesome thing about oud is its longevity and projection levels. This is a very heavy, strong and rich in scent. As discussed earlier, fall requires heavier scents to truly appear and oud is a definite go to. Check out  our recommended, featured, and gallery of our finest products to find different blends of notes along with oud creating an experience like no other.

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Junoon Velvet

Inspired by mankind's obsession for finesse and luxury, incorporating the best of internationally trending niche notes...Rasasi is able to provide you with an inviting tangy-woody notes of raspberry, rose, spice inflected leather lent a rich depth by the powerful, leathery and amber note of tomato leaf. The creamy, earthy lingering softness of sandalwood aloft the dark, sweet and woody patchouli cascades into precious animalist musk, given a deep leathery touch by the benzine amidst wafts of warm sensuous amber. .


Woody Intense

Woody Intense by Arabian Oud is an exquisitely beautiful perfume right from the heart of the vibrant and prosper nature, made especially to satisfy your splendid taste. A wonderful, special, and concentrated perfume that has always been loved by Arabian Oud’s clients and distinguished by a mix of Heliotrope and Rosemary with Geranium and Cardamom to embrace Vanilla and Patchouli mixed with musk and dry amber.



Created for the shimmer inspired young women, charming and contemporary idol and just as enchanting. Encompassing Pomegranate, Strawberry, Peony, and Lily of the valley wrapped in a Powdery Woody base. A celestial potion of addictive sensuality. As soft and enveloping as skin. Completely addictive and glitterati filled.

Bakhoor Collection


Urbo Collection


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