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Rising star: It's a whole new type of perfume was introduced to the world with the introduction of Fanaa. On busy days, you'll spritz it with glee knowing that you'll be able to enjoy it for a very long time because to its excellent sillage and endurance.This floral scent arrives with an enormous bouquet-like opening. You should save this smell for formal events and wear it with your most expensive jewelry.

What It Smells Like

ORIENTAL: Oriental scents are typically rich, exotic, and comforting. Oriental floral fragrances produce a remarkably distinctive personality. A deep, yet sweet and pleasing aroma is produced by the intriguing blending of oriental and floral fragrance elements. They are fantastic for those special events.

FLORAL: Vanilla and rose are the two most frequently utilized ingredients since they give perfume its floral undertone. They arouse feelings of serenity, sensuality, and mystery. This is why these floral oriental scents are so well-liked. These florals are ideal for daily use due to their unique complexity. They are well-liked by both men and women around the world.

SPICY: Rich and sweet tones are mixed together in it. Warm, sweet, and perhaps even little peppery. Along with the best blooms and spices, including saffron and pimento berries, we incorporated wood (ouds). This is crucial to ensure the longevity of our lovely scent.

AMBER: A mixture of substances known as amber is used to describe a cozy, powdery, sweet fragrance. It is made up of a symphony of flavors, including vanilla, patchouli, amber, and others. Oriental perfumes with a rich, spicy, and powdery feel are made with it.

Similar Fragrances

The FANAA is available in two versions:
1. FANAA Leather for Men EDP
2. FANAA Glance for Women EDP

FANAA Leather for Men is an opulent and expressive smell for men that is warm, sensual, mysterious, exotic, sultry, spicy, and woody. The t op notes are Bergamot, Mandarin, and Pepper,  Middle notes are Suede, Orris, and Violet and   Base are  Incense, Cypress, and Styrax.

FANAA GLANCE is a subtle bouquet floral fragrance for a woman who adores flowers, With woody tones at the base, a bouquet of flowers pulses forcefully. Its peculiar, enigmatic aroma is just a little sweet. HIGHLIGHTS: Bergamot and Green Leaf MIDDLE NOTES: Rose and Peony Ory Woods and Vetiver are base notes.

Similar to FANAA, Crave Extreme For Men EDP is a masculine lighter occidental scent, making it ideal if you want a distinctive fragrance without one that is overpowering or overwhelming. It has a lovely, decadent, and opulent floral scent. It is enhanced with the spiciness of pepper and Calabrian bergamot, followed by a complex fragrance.

Folie for Women EDP is a warm, sweet, and regal-smelling fragrance for women. Folie starts out with the ethereal saffron notes and lively red fruit notes, then moves on to floral notes of jasmine and hedoine on a pleasant, cozy, and soothing base of moss and amber.

Fragrances fill the senses with the mysterious.
 – Diana Vreeland

Here is the review video for FANAA Glance.

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