The Sophisticated Scent of Lattafa The Kingdom for Men

In a nutshell, searching for the perfect scent is really challenging. Let me introduce Lattafa The Kingdom Eau de Parfum for Men as a perfect addition to your grooming routine to upgrade your level of scent to the King’s one. Lattafa The Kingdom Eau de Parfum is not simply just an odor but a true sensation. If there is one kind of perfume that represents royalty and luxury, then this is it since its scent is both deep and comforting. This perfume has been made for the sophisticated man who doesn’t compromise on the quality of anything.


Scent Profile

Get It nowThe Kingdom

Top Notes

Sage, lavender, Mint

Heart Notes

Tobaco, Vanilla, Orange Flower

Base Notes

Benzoin, Tonka Bean, Labdanum

Long Lasting, Refreshingly Captivating Scent.

How to Wear Lattafa The Kingdom?

To achieve the best results use Lattafa The Kingdom at your pulse points that include the wrists, neck and at the back of your ears. This helps to make the fragrance a full and longer one since nobody wants to change fragrance every now and then. Note that a little goes a long way with this exotic scent.

Why Choose Lattafa The Kingdom?

Lattafa the Kingdom

Choose this fragrance beacuse, 

  • Longevity: Some of the qualities that would catch one’s eye include the relatively long-lasting effects of this fragrance. A few squirts in the morning and you feel fresh throughout the day.
  • Versatility: Lattafa The Kingdom can be for a business meeting, a casual hangout with friends or a formal dinner. In the context of fragrance descriptions, it has a good blend and is perfect for day and night use.
  • Elegance: The bottle has been crafted as a piece of art and goes well with the luxury that is associated with the fragrance. It perfectly fits any dresser and is evidence of the quality of the product.


The Kingdom for men is not only a scent but also reflects who you are and how confident you feel. The fact that it boasts of a highly complex but rich fragrance line and sophisticated bottle design is enough when used by any gentleman who seeks to leave a lasting first impression. Savor the regal feeling with Lattafa The Kingdom – ever gentleman deserves to be treated like royalty.

Frequently asked questions

The Kingdom has a long life impression and tends to last for 8-10 hours on the skin.

Absolutely! Because it is a well-balanced and evenly blended fragrance, it is suitable to wear for both casual and formal events.

Yes, It can be worn in any season.

The bottle is durable and has a nice design that is suitable for carrying while traveling.

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