Abyan EDP (Couple Set) Men & Women - 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Rasasi
‘Abyan' in Arabic signifies 'Clear & Distinct' is an exquisite blend of fragrance crafted to perfection. It reflects the unique style statement of your personality and captures attention. Experience both unique blends of Abyan. About Abyan Eau De Parfum for...
$69.98 $62.99
Al Wisam EDP (Couple Set) Day & Evening Men - 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Rasasi
About Al Wisam Day Eau De Parfum for Men Embrace your day with a fragrance that lets the confidence take over, and promises to leave an everlasting impression. Al Wisam Day pays tribute to the underlying spirit of the modern...
$109.99 $99.99
Amor Essence for Men Gift Set by Ajmal
Packed with our most-loved fragrances, Amor Essences is the perfect gift this special season. Gift a lingering expression of your affection with Amor Essences.Entice Amor Male Spray Perfume: 90 ML (3.0 oz)Influence Male Spray Perfume : 100 ML (3.4 oz)Torque...
Amor Essence for Women Git Set by Ajmal
Packed with our most-loved fragrances, Amor Essences is the perfect gift this special season. Gift a lingering expression of your affection with Amor Essences.Sacrifice Amor Female Spray Perfume : 50 ML (1.7 oz)Aretha Amor Female Spray Perfume : 75 ML...
Sold Out
Aristocrat EDP - Eau de Parfum Couple Set by Ajmal
Aristocrat for men is a sophisticated perfume revealing grandeur, power and elegance. Statutory and noble, the fragrance helps in evoking a social success and is addressed to the men who want to bask in the noble supremacy of potent  and compelling...
$119.98 $98.99
Sold Out
Attar Al Mohabba EDP (Couple Set) Men & Women - 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Rasasi
About Attar Al Mohabba Eau de Parfum for Women  Attar Al Mohabba for Women is a tribute to the universal and eternal feeling of love. It symbolizes innocence, portrays feminine romanticism and evokes the magical moments of love. The beautiful...
$124.99 $99.99
Aurum Gift Set by Ajmal
Aurum by Ajmal is a beautifully balanced fragrance that captures the spirit of youth, self-indulgence and glamour. Encapsulate your everyday in this best selling Ajmal perfume with this four piece gift set that includes an Eau de Parfum (75ML), Shower...
Sold Out
Bakhoor Mabkhara Gift Set by Swiss Arabian
1.Dukhoon Al Haram - 2.Dukhoon Al Jazeera3.Muattar Angham Dhahbi - 4.Muattar Shuyookh2 pack of Charcoals1 Beautiful crystal MabkharGift Pack includes 4 types of Bakhoor
Sold Out
Blu for Men Gift Set by Ajmal
Taking ahead from the success of Blu, to provide the consumer with an array of fragrance options to complete their fragrance ritual, Blu gift set is created to help the wearer Indulge with an exquisite collection of Blu EDP, deodrant...
Sold Out
Body Musk Pack by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi 3 X 30 ml
BODY MUSK PACK 3 X 30 ML Perfume Spray 30 ML (1.0 oz)Quintessence Oil 30 ML (1.0 oz)Body Silk Lotion 30 ML (1.0 oz)  
Daarej EDP (Couple Set) Men & Women 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Rasasi
About Daarej Eau de Parfum for Women  Daarej Pour Femme is a fruity floral fragrance with a unique green accord in the opening notes. The floral bouquet of middle notes adds a softness and romance to the perfume. The musk...
$79.98 $59.99
Edge for Men Gift Set by Swiss Arabian
Edge is an Aromatic, Spicy, Woody fragrance that captivates your senses and enhances your style. A sensational burst of Lemon, Geranium, Lavender and Mint lifts your mood almost instantly. The heart reveals spicy and floral accords of Orchid, Rose, Cinnamon...
Edge Intense (Couple Set) Men & Women - 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Swiss Arabian
About Edge Intense Eau de Parfum for Women  Swiss Arabian Edge Intense is the newest interpretation of the Swiss Arabian legacy. Unfurling a delicate blend of Mandarin essence, the fragrance reveals a tender floral heart of Magnolia and Peony. As...
Sold Out
Egra EDP (Couple Set) Men & Women - 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Rasasi
About Egra Eau de Parfum for Women  The fragrance redefines femininity, sensuality and seductive traits of a woman. It is a top of the line creation from Rasasi. “Egra for women” magnifies provocation by unfolding the ability of seduction of...
$79.98 $71.99
Sold Out
Eid Al Adha Gift Set
Perfect collection of items that amplify the joy in the blessed month of Ramadan. Includes: -Off-White Ceramic Electric Incense Burner -Mini Nabeel Black Incense by Nabeel Perfumes -Ahwak Perfume Oil by Rasasi -Janamaz/Musalah (Colors may vary) -Decorative bag
Emotion EDP (Couple Set) Men & Women - 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Rasasi
About Emotion Eau de Parfum for Women  Emotions are unique to human. We feel and therefore we are tender, protective, vulnerable, and romantic. One whiff is all it takes to waft you over waves of Emotions… The warm clasp of hands...
$69.98 $44.99
Sold Out
Entebaa EDP (Couple Set) Men & Women - 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Rasasi Perfumes
About Entebaa Eau De Parfum for Women Entebaa for women is a modern day fragrance for an independent and confident woman. The shy fruity, spicy, woody yet tangy top notes of black currant dissolve into the childlike sweet softness of...
$79.98 $69.99
Sold Out
Escent Of Appeal for Women Gift Set by Junaid Jamshed
The everlasting elegance of gems joins the timeless grace of fragrances. The unparalleled virtue of Sapphire, Citrine, Ruby, Topaz and Emerald has now been clubbed together to enchant you with its Escents of appeal. Citrine: FruityTopaz: Fresh FloralEmerald: FruityRuby: Floral...
Exclusive Collection Gift Set by Swiss Arabian
Dukhoon Al Haram – 60 grams Muattar Mumtaz – 60 grams Gharaam EDP – 50ML Wajd EDP – 50 ML Mubkhara Torch Tong
Faith 3 piece Perfume Gift Set by Swiss Arabian
You will love at first sight Swiss Arabian Faith Gift Set in Coffret’s refined fragrances. A terrific union that will exhort you to the following scents on: Floral, Woody, Fruity, Citrus, Occidental. The celebrated enterprise Swiss Arabian knew how to...
Faqat EDP (Couple Set) Men & Women - 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Rasasi Perfumes
About Faqat lil Nissa Eau de Parfum for Women  Faqat lil Nisa is a fragrance for today’s woman and captures the essence of a winner that the modern woman has come to aspire and symbolize The perfume reflects the values,...
Sold Out
Feeling Collection Gift Set- 100 ML (3.4 oz) ea by Arabian oud
Feeling Set contains 3 perfumes, all wrapped up in a beautiful way to represent the ultimate gift for your beloved ones:Feeling 100 ML (3.4 oz)Feeling Black 100 ML (3.4 oz)Feeling White 100 ML (3.4 oz)
Sold Out
Habibi Daeeman and Oody Woody by Nabeel- Gift Set
Habibi Daeeman Unisex EDP by Nabeel Enraptured by memories of first love, experience the essence of the greatest of love stories with the Habibi Daeeman. The unisex fragrance is blended from a balance of floral and spicy notes with apple,...
Hala Bil Khamis Gift Set by Nabeel
The essence of the perfect weekend, Hala Bil Khamis, is a rejuvenating blend of floral and woody scents and spicy flavors, with top notes of bergamot, cardamom and rose Bulgarian, sensual heart notes of amyris, rose and saffron and the...

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