Daarej for Men EDP - 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Rasasi
Dareej for men is a spicy, flirty and romantic concoction that opens on strong spicy notes and meanders through the floral middle notes laced with a whiff of romance by the rose highlights. The base notes are a delightful mélange...
$39.99 $33.99
La Yuqawam Jasmine Wisp for Women EDP - 75 ML (2.5 oz) by Rasasi
Jasmine Wisp, women fragrance of LaYuqawam edition III, true to the DNA of the series celebrates confidence, irresistibility and timeless elegance through a highly distinguishing olfactory signature. The perfume pays homage to the famed Middle Eastern tradition of elegant intoxicating...
Casablanca EDP- 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Swiss Arabian
Casablanca is a remarkable story that's morphed into an interpretation. It is more than a city, and more than a movie. A tribute to eternal and selfless love, Casablanca is a scent of intimate moments and the simple pleasures of...
Bade'e Al Oud for Glory EDP - 100ML (3.4 oz) by Lattafa
Bade’e Al Oud/Oud for Glory by Lattafa Perfumes is an oriental, warm and woody fragrance launched in 2020. It has an excellent sillage. The most stunning oud for exceptional tastes. The fragrance opens with sweet notes of Saffron, Lavender and...
Sold Out
La Yuqawam for Men EDP - 75 ML (2.5 oz) by Rasasi
La Yuqawam, in Arabic means Irresistible. LaYuqawam series extends a classic yet modern feel full of elegance, refinement and prestige to oriental perfumery. The series which includes six fragrances has become a classic that never goes out of fashion. The...
Boruzz Asrar Indonesia EDP- 50 ML (1.6 oz) by Rasasi
Introducing the majestic symphonies of timeless Arabian heritage. Boruzz by Rasasi is our masterpiece; a mystifying voyage of east meets west, orchestrated to magnify your captivating luminosity. The richest traditional ingredients have been reimagined to create a timeless fragrance like...
$139.99 $129.99
Layali for Women Perfume Oil - 15 ML (0.5 oz) by Swiss Arabian
Layali is the plural form of the word ‘night’ in Arabic. The fragrance evokes the powerful charm of those dark hours when mysteries and fantasies are at their most affecting. Layali is part for Swiss Arabian's best selling Concentrated Perfume Oil...
$49.99 $34.99
Shuhrah for Women EDP - 90 ML (3.0 oz) by Rasasi
Shuhrah for women blends notes of rose, freesia, bergamot, lily of valley, grey amber and musk to create a perfume that is simply a floral ode to feminine elegance. This everyday fresh perfume befits a woman who is an effortless...
Badee Al Oud Amethyst EDP - 100ML (3.4 oz) by Lattafa
Perfume Oud For Glory Amethyst - Bade'e Al Oud Amethyst Eau de Parfum by Lattafa Perfumes is a warm fragrance with vanilla, amber and roses. The top note starts with spicy pink pepper and fresh bergamot. The heart note is...
Oud Al Mubakhar for Men EDP- 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Rasasi
Oud Al Mubakhar by Rasasi is a Oriental fragrance for men. It is a captivating perfume which has been blended to perfection by using the best quality of essential oils. A oriental and spicy fragrance with classic notes like Rose,...
Rumz Al Rasasi 9325 (Zebra) Pour Lui for Men EDP- 50 ML (1.7oz) by Rasasi
Rumz Al Rasasi is a three edition series inspired by fashion and the desire for a unique identity. Inspired by the grace and fluidity of zebra, Rumz Al Rasasi 9325 Pour Lui, is a fragrance that celebrates strength and grace...
Khaltaat Al Arabia Royal Blend EDP - 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Lattafa
Lattafa Khalhaat Al Arabia Royal Blend EDP 100ml Perfume is an oriental fragrance for women and men. A top-selling Arabian Oud. The fragrance features musk. Rich composition, good projection, and longevity. Top Notes:  Fruits & Apple Middle Notes: Spicy, Nutmeg, & Clove...
Hareem Al Sultan Gold Perfume Oil - 35 ML (1.2 oz) by Khadlaj
Top Notes: bergamot, tangerine, apple, black currant and nectarineMiddle Notes: magnolia, gardenia, lily-of-the-valley, freesia and jasmineBase Notes: Amber, patchouli, vanilla, musk and sandalwood.
Oud Mood EDP - 30ML (1.0 oz) by Lattafa
Perfume Oud Mood Eau de Parfum by Lattafa Perfumes is a warm, oriental fragrance with floral, woody and spicy notes and features a pleasant sweetness. The top note is sweet-spicy with floral notes and saffron. Amber and resins follow in...
Raghba for Women EDP - 30ML (1.0 oz) by Lattafa
Raghba for Women is like having middle eastern baked sweets in a spice market. Warm, cozy, and smoky Vanilla add a sweet, elegance throughout this fragrance. While the blend of oud, Sandalwood, and Amber create an enchanting incense base.  An...
Azaari Perfume Oil - 17 ML (0.6 oz) by Khadlaj
Azaari has become our bestselling product ever. Customers young and old are buying these in dozens for themslevs and for their family and friends. The perfume is very smooth and uplifting and some customers have claimed that it lasts for...
Gold 24K EDP - 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Nabeel
Feel the touch of a fragrance so luxurious, it rivals liquid gold in its elegance. The fragrance possesses an unparalleled purity, priceless beyond description. Gold 24K is distilled from the fruity flavors of apricot and orange and blended with the base...
Sold Out
Qaa'ed EDP - 30ML (1.0 oz) by Lattafa
Lattafa Qaa'ed is the fragrance that opens with energizing oud fragrance with oriental notes. The fragrance has best answer to the other clones and the perfume is unisex. It's the perfume you can fall in love with the first smell....
Daarej for Women EDP - 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Rasasi
Daarej Pour Femme is a fruity floral fragrance with a unique green accord in the opening notes. The floral bouquet of middle notes adds a softness and romance to the perfume. The musk is seduced by the warm amber and...
$39.99 $33.99
Trendy (3 Piece) EDP Collection
This Bundle Includes: Shuhrah for Men 90 ML (3.0 oz) Badee al Oud 100ML (3.4 oz) Shaghaf Oud 75 ML (2.5 oz) ABOUT SHUHRAH MEN 90 ML (3.0 oz):  Shuhrah for men blends bergamot, frankincense, cedar wood, oak moss & Oudh with floral...
$139.99 $99.99
Amaali for Women Perfume Oil - 15 ML (0.5 oz) by Swiss Arabian
Amaali is a limited release to its well known sister Layali. The scent is Woody Fruity Concentrated Perfume Oil (CPO) engulfed in a Sweet Powdery Shroud with Citrus Rose Elements. Amaali comes in the precious bottle adorned with a gilded...
Dahn Al Oud EDP - 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Nabeel
Framed by the setting sun, the woods call out to you. The spicy flavors of cloves and sandalwood enchant you, leaves glistening with evening dew, as you breathe in the sweet scents of the Ylang-ylang and jasmine. The fragrance is...
Rumz Al Rasasi 9325 (Zebra) Pour Elle for Women EDP- 50 ML (1.7oz) by Rasasi
Rumz Al Rasasi 9325 for women is an ode to the beauty, poise and grace of the female species. The 9325 woman cannot be missed even in a crowd. She stands out for her bright vivacity, reveling in an innate...
Layali for Women Perfume Oil - 15 ML (0.5 oz) by Swiss Arabian (BOTTLE WITH VELVET POUCH)
DOES NOT INCLUDE THE ORIGINAL BOX. WILL INCLUDE THE ORIGINAL BOTTLE IN A VELVET POUCH.  Layali is the plural form of the word ‘night’ in Arabic. The fragrance evokes the powerful charm of those dark hours when mysteries and fantasies...

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