Nabeel Deodorant - 150ML (5 oz) by Nabeel
The fragrance of the orient is one that tells you tales of royalty, beauty and magic. Now, Nabeel presents to you a fragrance that bottles the essence of the orient for all of eternity, ready to be spritzed on and...
Al Ghadeer Deodorant - 150ML (5 oz) by Nabeel
A fragrance with a vintage vibe and yet representing a modern era charm. Its underlying hint of musk works wonders to lift your spirits. The warm depths of sandalwood are enhanced by the refreshing wave of patchouli. An exhilarating mix of citrus...
Sold Out
Raghba Deodorant - 250ML (8.4 oz) by Lattafa
Raghba for Women is like having middle eastern baked sweets in a spice market. Warm, cozy, and smoky Vanilla add a sweet, elegance throughout this fragrance. While the blend of oud, Sandalwood, and Amber create an enchanting incense base.  An...
Najdia for Men Deodorant - 250ML (8.4 oz) by Lattafa
Najdia by Lattafa is a refreshing, pure perfume with aqua and citrus notes. The top note opens fresh and dynamic with bergamot, lemongrass, lemon, apple and cinnamon. Orange blossoms in the heart note set flowery accents and are accompanied by...

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