Shuhrah Pour Homme EDP - 90 ML (3.0 oz) by Rasasi
Shuhrah for men blends bergamot, frankincense, cedar wood, oak moss & Oudh with floral inflections to create an fresh woody masculine scent that is uplifting and charismatic. The simple clean bottle houses an everyday fragrance that lends a very endearing...
$44.99 $39.99
Hawas for Men EDP - 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Rasasi
Hawas for Him blends cinnamon, bergamot, orange blossom, grey amber and sandalwood to create an aquatic scent designed to embody masculine strength and vigor. This fresh elegant woody perfume combines the premium Italian citrus and the fruity freshness of pear...
$149.99 $99.99
Nafaeis Al Shaghaf for Men EDP- 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Rasasi
"Shaghaf Pour Homme is powerful masculine fragrance crafted for men who love to wear a unique signature scent. A rich woody-leathery accord infused with the mystical rose, exotic orchid and delicate Ylang-Ylang is the highlight of this perfume. Sandalwood and...
$74.99 $49.99
Sold Out
Casablanca EDP- 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Swiss Arabian
Casablanca is a remarkable story that's morphed into an interpretation. It is more than a city, and more than a movie. A tribute to eternal and selfless love, Casablanca is a scent of intimate moments and the simple pleasures of...
Sold Out
Emotion for Men EDP - 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Rasasi
Let the fragrance of Emotions weave a spell of pure magic after all what is life without Emotions? Live and Feel life....with none other than Rasasi. This perfume is dedicated to the emotions of tenderness, protectiveness, vulnerability and romance. It opens...
$29.99 $24.99
Hatem for Men EDP - 75 ML (2.5 oz) by Rasasi
Hatem is a floriental, woody bouquet that stands out for its complex scent that meanders from the sparkling spice tinged bergamot, lemon and Lavender to a floral heart and settles down to woody notes that are warm, earthly, deeply lingering...
$49.99 $39.99
Kun Mukthalifan for Men EDP - 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Rasasi
Kun Mukhtalifan is the Arabic adaptation of “Be Different”, is an invitation to explore the serenity, comfort, elegance & to be yourself. An extremely sophisticated and sensual scent represents uniqueness and reflects modern, vibrant and audacious characteristics of your personality....
$39.99 $29.99
Aqua Afrah Air Freshener - 375 ML (12.6 oz) by Rasasi
Perfume Aqua is a premium water based fragrance formulated with a secret blend of essential oils, developed to effectively overcome unpleasant odors and make your ambience fragrant, Perfume Aqua can be used on curtains, carpets and bed linen. Top Notes: Lemon...
Blue Lady with Deo EDP - 40ML (1.3 oz) by Rasasi
A very fresh floral bouquet with citrus notes and fruity touches. The green note gives more freshness and more diffusion. The accord finishes with a soft musky powdery effect and a lasting woody note Top Notes: Violet Leaf, Ylang-Ylang, Tuberose,...
Royale Blue for Men EDP- 75 ML (2.5 oz) by Rasasi
Now he knows looking at the air around him….the scented grasping tendrils…like a feeling would not leave him through the breaking twisting of a macho man's life; reluctant to part the fresh smell of cavaillion melon, mandarin orange, cucumber, mellowed...
Sold Out
Yazan for Men EDP- 85 ML (2.8 oz) by Rasasi
Yazan is the signature of understated sophisticated machismo. Its invigorating scent blends richness with modesty, simplicity with sophistication, strength with vulnerability-qualities that define modern man. The dark, good looking bottle adds to allure of this elegant, classy, fresh, woody fragrance...
Blue for Men EDT - 100ML (3.4oz) by Rasasi
The rich composition open with fresh sparkling aromatic and citrus accords of mint and mandarin. The aromatic theme continues into the heart of the fragrance with coriander, floral notes of rose and jasmine are present and these mingle with geranium...
Sold Out
Blue for Men 2 L'Incontournable EDP - 75ML (2.5 oz) by Rasasi
A tribute to the acceptance And success of Blue for Men. Presenting one more that’s just right for you. L’incontournable. Open up to an exquisite class & widen your aura leaving first impression with Stunning new fragrances L’incontournable from Rasasi....
Shawq EDP- 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Swiss Arabian
Shawq is inspired by desire. This is an intense fragrance that uses musks, citrus fruits and flowers to make a powerful and alluring statement in the sun-kissed heat of a warm day. It opens with invigorating notes of lime, pineapple and...
Sold Out
Fadeitak EDP- 45 ML (1.5 oz) by Swiss Arabian
A tribute to eternal & selfless love, Fadeitak is a perfume of intimate moments and the simple pleasures of life. It blends the qualities of a classic perfume with its woody and amber notes. The spicy notes mixed with Musk...
Solid Musk Cube - 6 Count by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi
Unique, pure, white musk cubes that can be broken down into powder form. Luxurious and aromatic, these cubes will put you inside a Middle Eastern souk in seconds. These cubes can be rubbed on for personal hygiene, or left discretely...
Romance Forever for Men EDP- 100 ML (3.4oz) by Rasasi
The fragrance is fresh, floral and musky. The top notes are composed of bergamot, geranium and lemon. The middle note are spicy with floral elements from rose and jasmine. The bottom notes are amber ,sandal and musk Top Notes: Lavender,...
Khawatir Mini Bakhoor - 3x36 GMS by Nabeel
A beautiful smelling popular bakhoor, gentle to burn and slow to release Mini Bakhoor Khawatir. Bless your house with this classic blend of citruses like orange with floral notes of Rose and Jasmine. Settle into the long-lasting aroma of Vanilla,...
Valencia EDP- 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Swiss Arabian
The top unveils a desire of freedom full of happiness and hopes. Strengthened by juicy apple, lemon and bergamot. The heart is like an aura: a luminous and dazzling light is floating in the air. This feeling is given by...
Mahyouba Perfume Oil - 30 ML (1.01 oz) by Rasasi
The top notes of Mayhouba open with fresh lavender and citric scent followed by a light flowery, fruity, and woody middle note that temper to perfection the animalist musk along with the sensuous woody notes. This concentrated fragrance is for men...
Royale Blue for Men Deodorant - 200ML (6.7 oz) by Rasasi
Now he knows looking at the air around him….the scented grasping tendrils…like a feeling would not leave him through the breaking twisting of a macho man's life; reluctant to part the fresh smell of cavaillion melon, mandarin orange, cucumber, mellowed...
Blu for Men EDP - 90 ML (3 oz) By Ajmal
A refined and sophisticated French fragrance, this masculine fresh aqueous Eau de Parfum caters to the contemporary tastes of energetic and spirited young men. Introducing tangy aromas of the summer, Blu by Ajmal’s composition offers a refreshing choice for men...
Blue Oud EDP - 100ML (3.4 oz) by Lattafa
Perfume Blue Oud Eau de Parfum by Lattafa Perfumes is a dark, mysterious Oudh scent for women and men. The top note begins with expressive Cambodian Oudh, followed by saffron, vanilla and guaiac wood in the middle note. Harmonious Indian...
Mukhallat Dhan Al Oudh Sharina Perfume Oil - 30 ML (1.6 oz) by Rasasi
Sharina Mukhallat Dhanel Oudh is a fine blend of the choicest floral and oriental alchemy. A delicate, luxurious woody floral musk, this concentrated perfume epitomizes elegance and timeless appeal. The rich legacy ingredients give this perfume a very classical and...

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