Areej Al Sheila EDP - 100ML (3.4oz) by Swiss Arabian
Areej Al Sheila is a scented portrait of the Arabian woman’s strength and beauty. It opens with shimmering golden spices, mesmerizing those around her. Its precious strands of saffron lend an air of mystery to the woman who wears it...
Amaani Perfume Oil - 12ML (0.40 oz) by Swiss Arabian
Amaani reminds you of the precious moments that are close to your heart. Designed to bring an inner glow to your soul, it wraps you in a golden aura of scent as you bask in its unique fragrance.The lavender, thyme...
Wajd (Waaw Series) EDP - 50 ML (1.7 oz) by Swiss Arabian
Wajd is a fruity, floral, ambery fragrance inspired by the captivating stage of love. It is an all-consuming force of nature that you are powerless to stop, and yet you never want this feeling to end. The spell of love...
Hayaa Perfume Oil - 12 mL (0.40 oz) by Swiss Arabian
Hayaa is designed to embody the beauty of love on a wintry day. The fragrance will capture the memory of heartfelt and unforgettable radiance. Hayaa awakens your deepest dreams, with its alluring scent of silken white amber. The notes of...
Dehn Al Oud Perfume Oil - 95 ML (3.2 oz) by Swiss Arabian
Joyful, energetic and stimulating, awakens a mood of celebration. Blended from rich extracts of agarwood from Cambodia and Indonesia, its warm, woody bouquet uplifts your soul and opens your heart to a feeling of pure happiness in the air. Top...
Shaghaf for Men Collection (3 Piece) by Swiss Arabian
This collections includes one (1) each of Swiss Arabian's best selling:Shaghaf Oud (Unisex) - 75 mlTOP NOTES: SaffronMIDDLE NOTES: Rose, OudBASE NOTES: Praline, Vanilla and OudShaghaf (M) - Clear Blue - 75 MLTOP NOTES: Lemon, LavenderMIDDLE NOTES: Cypriol, Sea NotesBASE...
Inara EDP for Women - 55 ML (1.9 oz) by Swiss Arabian
Inara is inspired by the radiance that illuminates a woman from within. When you reach for Inara, you are certain to dazzle those you meet as its sparkling floral bring out your inner glow. Inara opens with mouth-watering citrus fruits....
Sandalia Perfume Oil - 95 ML (3.2 oz) by Swiss Arabian
Sandalia is a remarkably authentic distillation of the fragrant Sandalwood tree. The legendary aroma of the Sandalwood has captivated and enthralled perfume lovers for centuries. Its highly sought-after scent is a delight to the senses and instils a calming inner...
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Ishq (Waaw Series) EDP - 50 ML (1.7 oz) by Swiss Arabian
Ishq is the strongest form of love. The fragrance has been created with strong and intense top notes which linger on you, to remind you of this deep, passionate love which is impossible to forget. It then softens and takes...
Ruh El Amber Perfume Oil - 95 ML (3.2 oz) by Swiss Arabian
Bright and refreshing, Ruh El Amber perfume is a wonderful fragrance for casual wear in the spring or summer. It opens with a crisp citrus accord before giving way to heady floral notes and finally resting upon a creamy base laced...
Jannet Ul Naeem Perfume Oil - 95 ML (3.2 oz) by Swiss Arabian
Swiss Arabian Givaudan Jannet Ul Naeem Oil perfume Unisex concentrated perfume oil "Attar” is alcohol free and is safe to use. Surely this perfume is a true delight to wear. High quality packaging complements this original, fine perfume oil. Confined...
Attar Bakhoor Perfume Oil - 95ML (3.2 oz) by Swiss Arabian
Combining gourmand, fruity, woody, musky and floral accords, attar bakhoor is a concentrated perfume oil from swiss arabian. A delicious and luxurious unisex fragrance, it starts off with sweet and nutty praline with fresh green notes, herbaceous elements and juicy honeyed...
Al Naseem Bakhoor - 96GM (3.4 oz) by Swiss Arabian
Invite the heavenly beauty of the garden closer to your heart with Bakhoor Al Naseem. Surrender to the joy of greenery, exotic petals and luscious plump blackcurrants. This mouth-watering feast heralds the entrance of dainty violets, heady jasmine and blushing...
Exclusive Collection Gift Set by Swiss Arabian
Dukhoon Al Haram – 60 grams Muattar Mumtaz – 60 grams Gharaam EDP – 50ML Wajd EDP – 50 ML Mubkhara Torch Tong
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Intense Pride for Men EDP - 100 ML (3.4 oz) by Swiss Arabian
Intense Pride bursts with fresh, ripe fruit as apple, pineapple and blackcurrant add a juicy flourish to the first spray. An intense heart of earthy patchouli melts around rose and jasmine petals creating an intoxicating central accord. A robust flourish...
Walaa (Waaw Series) EDP - 50 ML (1.7 oz) by Swiss Arabian
This citrus, aromatic fragrance has been created to encapsulate the uplifting heights of happiness when deep love engulfs you.Walaa opens in the traditional style of fougère, with the classic notes of lavender and geranium. Blending seamlessly with sharp mandarin and...
Al Karam Bakhoor - 55GM (1.9 oz) by Swiss Arabian
Luxuriate in the oud scented breezes of Bakhoor Al Karam as it wreathes gently around you, delighting all those touched by its magic. Precious saffron strands elevate this Bakhoor into something truly exquisite, as whispers of musk gently caress you....

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