Floral Bouqet for Her - Edge Intense, Jasmine Wisp, Wild Spirit
This Bundle Includes: Edge Intense Jasmine Wisp Wild Spirit About Edge Intense: Swiss Arabian Edge Intense is the newest interpretation of the Swiss Arabian legacy. Unfurling a delicate blend of Mandarin essence, the fragrance reveals a tender floral heart of...
Sold Out
Balentines Bundle - Opulent Oud, Fakhar Men, Badee al Oud
This Bundle Includes: Opulent Oud Fakhar Men Badee al Oud About Opulent Oud: Perfume Opulent Oud Eau de Parfum by Lattafa Perfumes is a dark, sweet-spicy perfume with a woody Oudh. The top note has a pleasantly fresh character with citrus,...
Galentines Bundle - Shadow Women, Orchidee Celeste, Shine
This Bundle Includes: Shadow Women Orchidee Celeste Shine About Shadow Women: ‘Shadow for Her’ strikes a sparkling pose by opening in a voluptuous Floral scent of Rosewood, Lavender and Nectarine with a heart enriched by Patchouli and Orchid, gently drying...
Love Is Sweet Bundle Him & Her-Daarej Men, Daarej Women, Private Musk Unisex
This Bundle Includes: Daarej Men (100 mL - 3.4oz) Daarej Women (100 mL - 3.4oz) Private Musk Unisex (12 mL - 0.4oz) About Daarej Women Daarej Pour Femme is a fruity floral fragrance with a unique green accord in the opening...
Care Package for Him-Al Dur Al Maknoon EDP & DEO, Incense Soap
This Bundle Includes: Al Dur Al Maknoon EDP (100 mL - 3.4oz) Al Dur Al Maknoon DEO (200 mL - 6.7oz) Incense Soap About Dur Al Maknoon Al Dur Al Maknoon Silver by Lattafa is a fresh, light leather fragrance...
Sold Out
Care Package Her-Ana Abiyedh EDP & DEO, Rose-Hip Soap
This Bundle Includes Ana Abiyedh EDP (60mL - 2.0oz) Ana Abiyedh DEO (250ml - 8.4oz) Rose-Hip Soap (1 piece) About Ana Abiyedh: Ana Abiyedh Rouge by Lattafa is a soothing, harmonious perfume with amber, saffron and ambergris. The top note...

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