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5 Best Affordable Perfume Sets

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Are you someone who is searching for affordable yet high quality perfume sets to elevate your fragrance experience? Look no further! In this blog, we will check out five outstanding perfume collections that let you avail of excellent scents and value for money. You can find for your taste and preferences such as floral or woody notes in these affordable collections.

  • Long-lasting scents
  • Diverse fragrance notes
  • Affordable pricing
  • Suitable for any occasion

Whether you are a perfume snob or new in the world of aromas, Picking a perfume can generally be a fun thing. By having these affordable perfume sets, you can engage the attractive aromas, representing you, and making a long-term impressive mark everywhere. Whether you wear them on an everyday basis or for a special occasion, these perfume sets come with a touch of versatility and value that allows you to treat yourself with the divine scents without worrying about the quality. Let's get started with this sensational tour and experience the fragrances of budget-friendly perfumes collectively!

Hareem Al Sultan Gold CPO by Khadlaj & Elite Flora EDP by Intense Elite

Let us begin our pairing list with the perfect mix of Harem Al Sultan Gold CPO by Khadlaj and Elite Flora EDP by Intense Elite. This pair of perfectly matched scents has an exquisite mix of oriental fragrances with a touch of floral sensations. This is forming a luxurious perfume set that's a must-have for any fragrance enthusiast. It’s ideal, particularly for those who want some sort of luxurious set but are budget-conscious.

hareem al sultan gold

Lattafa Perfumes Asad & Yara Moi

Amongst them, we have Lattafa Perfumes Asad & Yara Moi set which are well-known for their sensational scents that last forever. The scent of Asad reveals masculine aroma with hints of spice, but the Yara Moi has light floral undertones. Together, they create a harmonious balance of sophistication and allure.


Oud For Glory Amethyst & La Passion Absolu 

For those seeking a smell miracle, the Oud For Glory Amethyst and La Passion Absolu combination is an unmissable opportunity. It has a woody and musky scent which creates a feeling of confidence, of charisma. Combine it with La Passion Absolue to get a subtle touch of sweetness and sensuality that lasts as long as your day goes. Hence making it an essential addition to your perfume set collection.

oud for glory amethyst

Nebras & Affection - Unisex EDP Sprays By Lattafa Pride

People nowadays prefer unisex perfumes, Lattafa Pride Nebras and Affection being just the samples of this tendency. With their clean and refreshing fragrance, Nebras is fruity and citrusy while Affection is warm and spicy. Regardless of your gender, these EDP sprays will soon become must-haves in your collection and will become a dynamic perfume set that captures attention wherever you go.

lattafa perfume

Hareem Al Sultan Gold EDP & Hareem Al Sultan Gold CPO

Last but certainly not least, we have another gem from the Hareem Al Sultan collection: the Hareem Al Sultan Gold EDP and the Hareem Al Sultan Gold CPO sets. These luxurious scents exude opulence and sophistication. They can be worn on special occasions or on a daily basis, which makes them even more popular. The long-lasting and extraordinary perfume with the catchy scent will make you feel like a real princess with each use.

hareem al sultan


There you have it – the 5 best budget sets of perfume everyone can afford. The bouquet of aromas available, which include oriental blends as well as floral bouquet, is definitely a budget-friendly option. Give yourself a treat or surprise your loved one with one of these budget-friendly perfume box sets and scent fantastic all the time.

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