Oud Romancea Lotion - 50GMS (1.7oz) by Ard Al Zaafaran
Oud Romancea starts slightly fresh with bergamot, mandarins and blackcurrant. The warm and floral heart note contains cinnamon, spicy notes, jasmine, gardenias and ylang ylang. The base is woody and earthy warm with amber, incense, sandalwood, Oudh and patchouli. A...
Dirham Lotion - 30GMS (1.0oz) by Ard Al Zaafaran
Dirham Silver lotion by Ard Al Zaafaran is a fresh, vital perfume with floral notes and a slightly woody base. The opening top note is fresh with citrus scents and dries to cool bergamot and spicy cardamom. The heart note is warm and bright with roses, jasmine and lavender.  In the base sandalwood is blended with cedar and vetiver, giving Dirham depth and elegance. Perfume oil Dirham Silver is a nice everyday fragrance, spreading freshness and positive energy. Top Notes: Bergamot, Citrus, & Cardamom Middle Notes: Roses, Jasmine,...
Dahn Al Oud Lotion - 70 GMS by Rasasi
Dahn Al Oud Lotion leaves your skin moisturized while leaving a lasting oriental scent.
Jalsaat Lotion - 50GMS (1.7 oz) by Ard Al Zaafaran
Perfume Jalsaat Eau de Parfum by Ard Al Zaafaran is a fresh, cool-aromatic men's fragrance. Fresh and slightly fruity, the top note opens with bergamot, apples and pineapple. Birch continues the fresh line in the heart note. An aromatic base of...
Najdia Lotion - 50GMS (1.7oz) by Ard Al Zaafaran
Najdia Eau de Parfum by Lattafa is a refreshing, pure perfume with aqua and citrus notes. The top note opens fresh and dynamic with bergamot, lemongrass, lemon, apple and cinnamon. Orange blossoms in the heart note set flowery accents and...
Rose Paris Lotion - 50GMS (1.7oz) by Ard Al Zaafaran
Perfume Rose Paris by Ard Al Zaafaran is a feminine floral scent with fragrant roses and fruity accents. The top note starts fresh and lively with oranges, lemons, and bergamot. The heart note presents a sweet rose fragrance and freesia....
Bint Hooran Lotion - 50GMS (1.7 oz) by Ard Al Zaafaran
Perfume Bint Hooran by Ard Al Zaafaran is an oriental, sensual, feminine fragrance with floral, fruity notes. The top note offers a fresh, fruity blend of coriander, cypress, lemon, tangerine, sage and bergamot. The warm heart note follows with nutmeg,...

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