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Al Hobb

These series is designed for young women. Makes for a perfect present with a matching necklace included with each scent!

"Al Hobb Al Abady" signifies in Arabic as "Love is Eternal". The fragrance has fresh citrus & bergamot notes on top. Followed by fresh floral and complimented with the base notes of musk, vanilla & wood.  

"Al Hobb Al Hakiki" signifies in Arabic as "Love is Truth". The fragrance has fruity notes on top followed by fresh floral and settles with the base notes of warm woody.

"Al Hobb Hayat" signifies in Arabic as "Love is Life" There is no life without love and therefore its called 'Love is Life' - 'Al Hobb Hayat' The fragrance has the luscious fruity notes on top followed by fresh lilies and complimented with the base notes of musky, vanilla, & woody. 


Junoon is a trilogy of niche fragrances inspired by mankind's obsession for finesse and luxury. Rasasi’s quest for olfactory perfection finds expression in this precious collection of extraordinary aromas for men and women. 

Junoon-Satin for men and for women is a voyage of refinement and subtlety traversing the Middle Ages, travelling through Chinese city of Quanzhou, a major shipping port along the famous Silk Road to the boudoirs of elite in Europe.

Junoon-Velvet for men and for women, a throwback to the XIIIth century wherein Kashmiri merchants introduced a plush fabric that became a signature of nobility, finding its way into the fashion ateliers of Europe and the boudoirs of the royalty.

Junoon-Leather for men and for women is inspired by leather, a material associated with power, strength and vigour from times immemorial. Leather has always been in vogue with the elite and sophisticated. 

Attar Al Boruzz

 Elevate the ritual of pure Oudh to a luxurious art. The mystical Attar Al Boruzz collection has been composed to evoke all that is rare and precious, drawing inspiration from the sunlit fragrant walls of ancient Persia’s Tabriz mosques and its delightful exotic parks. A regal bouquet of musk and noble rose combined with the heady aroma of the finest Oudh create a family of modern yet enduring fragrances that are unmistakably yours.

Attar Al Boruzz - Lamaat Musk Tabriz is a captivating fragrance as pure and enduring as a desert sunrise. Harnessing only prized ingredients from around the world, this rich and potent blend of fruity accents and dry woody notes warmed by soft spices radiates with an unmistakable intensity. An expression of timeless allure.

Glamorous. Intense. Regal. Attar Al Boruzz - Jazeebiyat Musk Tabriz is a fragrant masterpiece that leaves a remarkable impression on all who encounter it. Inspired by the timeless scent of Golestan Park, this intense bouquet of Italian citrus, rich wild fruit and French cassis comes alive with a floral explosion followed by sensual notes of musk, Madagascar vanilla and the finest Indian oudh. A fragrant beauty that’s unsurpassed.

Dhanal Oudh

If you are a true Oudh lover, this series is what your looking for. 

Dhanal Oudh Nashwah by Rasasi is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for women and men launched in 2011. Dhanal Oudh Nashwah is an intoxicating, deep fragrance that encompasses you in Raw leather, Oud, Dirty Honey, and Smoky Woods. A fragrance that celebrates confidence, ambition, and luxury through a remarkable blend of classic perfume ingredients.

Dhanal Oudh Ruwah by Rasasi is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women and men. Dhanal Oudh Ruwah was launched in 2011. The fragrance features rose, musk, amber and agarwood (oud).

Dhanal Oudh Jurrah by Rasasi is a Oriental fragrance for women and men. Dhanal Oudh Jurrah was launched in 2011. Top notes are saffron, jasmine, rose and agarwood (oud); middle notes are vetiver, sandalwood, thyme and guaiac wood; base notes are musk and amber.

Oudh Al Boruzz

Introducing the majestic symphonies of timeless Arabian heritage. Boruzz by Rasasi is our masterpiece; a mystifying voyage of east meets west, orchestrated to magnify your captivating luminosity. The richest traditional ingredients have been reimagined to create a timeless fragrance like no other. Elevate the ritual of pure Oudh to a luxurious art.

Abeer Malasiya was conjured as a decadent floral creation, with a distinctive underlying smoky fusion of Haitian vetiver, tobacco and leather. The base notes introduce rare and precious aromatics that lead to a dramatic elixir of the world’s finest Malaysian oudh and patchouli. With a noble yet earthly scent that leaves a soft trail, immerse yourself in a fragrant story of mystery, depth and personal discovery.

A sophisticated and fresh interpretation of woody Indonesian oudh, Oudh Al Boruzz - Asrar Indonesia is an elegant blend of refreshing Mediterranean indulgence and precious Eastern aromas. The crisp freshness of sun-warmed Italian citrus notes leads to the dramatic deep woody tones of an oriental forest at midnight, revealing the rich splendor of unmistakable Indonesian oudh. Witness the emergence of a precious secret, a white crystalline accord as precious as white crystal, which will stay close to your heart forever.

Inspired by a fragrant journey through ancient Assam, Oudh Al Boruzz - Rooh Al Assam intoxicates the senses. The scent of a thousand roses blowing on the breeze give way to the deep richness of leather, mystery of Indian sandalwood and the most coveted Indian oudh. The sensual touch of oriental sweet delightful accord, finished with a drop of golden saffron mellows the spicy note of Indian oudh. This mystery wood trail invites you to envelop yourself in the sensual, luxurious beauty of the East.

Atheer Cambodia, latest addition to the luxurious Boruzz Series was created as an ode to the finest and the rarest natural ingredients. The elegant sophisticated fragrance is a refreshing new twist on luxurious oudh yet quintessential of the magical mystique of oriental alchemy. A sophisticated and fresh interpretation of woody Cambodian oudh, Atheer Cambodia is an elegant blend of refreshing Mediterranean indulgence and precious Eastern aromas. The crisp freshness of sun-warmed Italian citrus notes leads to the dramatic deep woody tones of an oriental forest at midnight, revealing the rich splendor of unmistakable Cambodian oudh. Witness the emergence of a precious secret, a white crystalline accord as precious as white crystal, which will stay close to your heart 4eve. Atheer Cambodia opens on the seductively inviting notes of baie rose, saffron and raspberry, meandering into rose, leather and patchouli finally cascading to the world’s most precious Cambodian oudh. This is tempered to a sparkling splendor due to the cashemeran, cipriol, and ambroxan weaved into the scent to create an intoxicating and enthralling symphony of timeless Arabian heritage

La Yuqawam

La Yuqawam, is a trilogy of contemporary yet classic fragrances for men and women. The elegance and refinement of this series appeals to international connoisseurs of perfumes, looking for a sophisticated and exhilarating modern oriental experience.

Pour Femme is a sensuous, feminine fragrance opening on white floral sweet rather citrusy notes inflected by bergamot, blackcurrant and jasmine. The sensuous spicy wafts of cinnamon and pepper inflected with ylang-ylang mellow down to a soft, intimate, dark and woody lingering trail.

Orchid Prairie is a romantic fragrance. The sensational exuberance of a thousand roses gives way to the fresh facet of courmarine, while cashmeran provides a sultry, musky and woody backdrop. Musk, amber and vanilla induce a luscious sensuality to the dark and intensely animalistic pure Indian Oud

Jasmine Wisp is a young, vivacious and feisty fragrance with distinctive white floral vanilla signature. An ambry pear juice, appetizing notes of Bourbon vanilla, coumarine and maltol giving the scent a gourmand touch while Anjou infused with floral facets of starkrimson pear gives it a sensuous appeal.

Pour Homme opens on the signature leather accord of the masculine series, lent a soft refined note by Indian saffron. The perfume swells with sensuality as it meanders through the complex animalistic base notes of Italian leather and Indian oudh sweetened to a warm earthy tenor by amber.

Tobacco Blaze, an intense sensuous opus, opening on succulent orange and honey blossom floral facets of neroli and bergamot, undulates into the deep-woody facets of cedar wood, finally cascading down to an intensely warm, rich and opulent oriental experience of leather, oudh and sandalwood.

Ambergris Showers, is an ode to timeless elegance with the leather accord culminating into an odyssey of uplifting freshness quintessential of crystalline aura of ambroxan, lent a greener and spicier occidental touch by orris and galbanum. The opposing herbaceous notes reinforce the contrast of woody ambroxan and sparkling freshness


Musk is a collection of three fragrances inspired by the rich perfumery traditions of the Middle East. Inspired by musk, a coveted scent from times of antiquity, the perfumer has created three unique scent journeys with the mystical and sensual white musk as the central muse. The precious high quality oriental essences harmoniously play along the contrasting, zesty and sparkling modern notes, creating rich and sophisticated signature expressions of timeless ingredients reinterpreted in a modern way.

Naqaya is a multifaceted dreamy, mystical and spiritual perfume, inspired by the purity of the white veil. This perfume opens on radiant bright hesperidia notes, softened by luscious-velvety magnolia and rose essence. The unique woody signature infuses a pleasant assertiveness to this fragrance which settles down like a second skin.  

Sharqi is an intensely intoxicating oriental journey that meanders through time paying a tribute to the pride and traditions of the Middle East. The fragrance opens on wafts of seductive mystical rose essence infused with an inviting citrus punch. The heart swells with dark and earthy opulent woods mellowed to a velvety creaminess by tuberose. Sandalwood reinforces the earthy, creamy lingering nature of the fragrance as it races through intoxicating vanilla, while the warm sensuous amber embraces the deeply animalistic Indian oud, white musks infuse intense mystique to this oriental opus.

Hareer is a magical fragrance that reflects the softness of silk. The fragrance opens on fresh aromatic notes of artemisia and davana. The seductive rose is the blossoming queen of the fragrance with a multifaceted combination of fresh Turkish rose essence and intense Egyptian rose absolute. The rich rose nuances are further enhanced and lent a sparkle by a modern red fruit zest of raspberry. In the base notes, white musks enhance the contrast of strong and deep woody tonalities of sandalwood and palisander, softened by an addictive and utterly sensual amber. 


Qasamat, is a series of four unisex fragrances inspired by the rich perfumery traditions of the Middle East. The opulence and enigmatic mystique of oriental olfactory finds a contemporary expression in four unique scent journeys which are addictive and accentuated by distinctive features. These perfumes celebrate the love for bling as a language of self-expression in modern times and revel in easy elegance and an irresistibly infectious joie de vivre.

Qasmat Rasana is an elegant modern oriental fragrance crafted to offer an enriching sensorial experience. The scent opens with fresh fruity notes of lemon, apple and bergamot. The middle notes of leather, sandalwood and cypriol is infused by oriental base notes of rich musk, amber, cedarwood and agarwood.

Qasamat Bareeq, is a beautiful and intriguing journey of self-exploration. Celebrating Europe’s modernism, deep spiritual serenity of Asia and raw natural beauty of Africa through alchemic nuances, Bareeq encompasses a diverse universe uniquely blended together. The fresh opening notes of bergamot, orange and green apple are overpowered by the sweet notes of caramel and saffron in the heart of the perfume. The jasmine and rose give this perfume an endearing oriental nuance. A powerful base of strong smoky woody notes held together by musk and buttressed by the leather accord, lends this long-lasting perfume an aura of supreme confidence. 

Qasamat Ebhar is a sublime fragrance with a unique contrast. This dazzling blend opens with a burst of fresh and fruity notes of green apple and sparkling lemon adding a floral wave of lotus and damask rose which slowly divulges into the contrasting deep notes of addictive praline, vanilla and rich musks. This scent celebrates avant-gardism, passion and vibrancy making it a perfect choice for all occasions.

A subtle story of seduction and sensuality which is delicate yet powerful Qasamat Morhaf opens on an evocative trail with fresh fruity nuances of raspberry and bergamot. The intoxicating heart with seductive damask rose and geranium rests on an oriental bed of precious woods, creamy sandalwood and vanilla with rich musk that envelopes the fragrance like a secret treasure.

Housed in a timeless elegant embellished bottle with a copper cap completing the design perfectly and a playful tassel that differentiates each variant of the collection.


Rumz Al Rasasi is a three edition series inspired by fashion and the desire for a unique identity.

Inspired by the grace and fluidity of zebra, Rumz Al Rasasi 9325 Pour Lui, is a fragrance that celebrates strength and grace of the male species. The first edition of the Rumz Al Rasasi series which celebrates self-expression through coding one's unique personality, 9325 revels in freedom to be unique through choice and not diktat. The perfume has already become a cult anthem for young people wanting to standout, with the floral woody notes inflected with leather and musk imparting 9325 a unique scent signature. The perfume opens with the sweet succulent, lush notes of pear with black pepper adding a fleeting bright accent. The bright cheerful profile of the fragrance further accentuated by lily of the valley and jasmine, with a refreshing green nuance of freesia, meanders into animalist sensuous-woody, leathery notes that are darkly rich and enigmatic.

Rumz Al Rasasi 9325 for women is an ode to the beauty, poise and grace of the female species. The 9325 woman cannot be missed even in a crowd. She stands out for her bright vivacity, reveling in an innate confidence that turns heads. The fragrance opens with fresh, appetizing, lush fruity note of green apple inflected with an aromatic citrusy, sparkling elegant light note of bergamot. The top notes melt into the soft warm and earthy heart with sandalwood infusing the fragrance with a classic woody note that is milky, soft, sturdy, and rich, with a hint of green top note and a tempting lingering scent. The sweet resinous amber tempers down the animalist musk with an intoxicating warmth. This fragrance is an enthralling journey of self-discovery.

Strength, determination, dexterity, raw energy and the sheer masculine charm of a man's personality is reflected in this fragrance inspired by the leopard. The warm & vibrant Rumz Al Rasasi 9453 for men is for a young and dynamic man who dares to be unique. His scent is a very important part of his personality code. The metallic rather green and aqueous note of violet leaves tinged with aromatic spicy cloves leads to the warm, balmy, sensuous, earthy and woody heart of cedar wood & sandalwood surging with a deep and powerful leathery-amber accent while patchouli, tonka and praline impart a sumptuous gourmand edge that is irresistible and intoxicating.

Beauty, grace, style, stealth with a mysterious edge makes for a fascinatingly lethal combination. Rumz Al Rasasi 9453 is for a woman who revels in the power of her unique and powerful personality. The stunning interplay of leopard imprint on the bottle invokes the lethal charm of the female felines. The perfume opens on a refreshing fruity note. The almond-smelling, vanilla-like note infused by heliotrope jostles with green and sweet tropical narcotic and animalist floral scent with inflections of melon through jasmine and muguet. The romantic softness of the Indian rose mellows down Indian dhanal oud to pave way for a rich, subtlety dark and powerful fragrance.

Impersonating the intrigue, mystery, power and energy of the male reptile species, Rumz Al Rasasi 9459 Pour Lui, is a fragrance that celebrates strength and charm in a rather dangerously edgy and disarming way. A modern, masculine and sensual scent, offering an infusion of white musk and woods, fresh and aromatic notes, Rumz 9459 is for a man who is born a seducer. The sparkling fresh mélange of appetizing opening notes along with a surprisingly soft floral heart are a an inviting prelude to the dark, mysterious, layered, smoky and dangerously seductive dry down manifested by musk infused dry woods warmed by earthly amber and sweetened by Tonka beans.

Like the female of the of the reptile species, Rumz Al Rasasi 9459 Pour Elle is a fragrance of dark enigma, passion and lethal charm. The perfume starts on inviting fresh, innocent and sparkling notes of bergamot, mandarin and lily of the valley and meanders into the warm ambery waves seduced by the sweet, dark, earthy and rather woody edge of the exotic patchouli ultimately cascading into the darker depths of intoxicating oriental woods that evoke passion.


Sotoor, is a series of four modern-oriental fragrances inspired by Arabic script. The intricacy and the beauty of Arabic calligraphy make a striking statement against a very international and contemporary design backdrop. Mystique of the east and the minimalism of west come together in this collection of highly desirable young unisex perfumes, bursting with joyous energy and spunk. Originally targeted at millennials, the collection is making quite a splash by hitting the right notes with customers of all ages.

Seen is a fresh, luminous and precious fragrance that opens on the lusciously inviting fruity notes. The clean and fresh floral tenor of the perfume is carried into the heart with lily-of-the-valley and orange flower, while rose with just with a touch of honey lends it a dreamy succulence. The evocative oakmoss buttresses the sweet sensuality of musk against a backdrop of dark, warm, earthy and woody patchouli notes, sweetened by just a hint of vanilla.  

Taa is an aquatic-woody fragrance that oozes freshness and energy. The perfume opens on a tangy floral note which is further reinforced by the orange flower, marine notes and the rose smelling rather lemony geranium in the heart which is grounded and lent an sweetly exotic, dark, warm and earthy depth by patchouli, amber, cedarwood and vanilla. 

Waaw is a sensuous, intensely spicy and woody perfume that reflects confidence and flamboyance. The perfume opens with wafts of warm spicy waves that gain intensity while meandering through the heart notes of woody-spicy lavender kissed gurjum finally undulating into an intensely woody ode that is dark, warm, earthy, smooth and lingering.  

Raa is an exuberant fresh floral perfume that reminds you of sunny skies. This intensely heady concoction of romantic florals is lent a sparkling luminosity by the playful bergamot and citrusy opening notes. Nutmeg infuses a subtle spicy touch to the elegant fresh green note of lily-of-the-valley and the bright easy elegance of jasmine. In the dry down, patchouli lends a sweet, dark, earthy and woody exuberance to the sweetly sensuous and animalistic musk.


Perfume Aqua is a premium water based fragrance formulated with a secret blend of essential oils, developed to effectively overcome unpleasant odors and make your ambience fragrant, Perfume Aqua can be used on curtains, carpets and bed linen. 

Series Includes:
-Aqua Raneem
-Aqua Batool
-Aqua Bushra
-Aqua Zeenat Al Farsh
-Aqua Kausar 
-Aqua Afrah
-Aqua Azamah
-Aqua Massarah

Hums Al Zohoor

Hums Al Zohoor Air Freshener is a premium ambience fragrance line formulated with precious ingredients and essential oils. An ode to modern sensibility, the three ambiance sprays, play on floral, fruity and spicy facets to lend sophisticated freshness to homes, offices, upholstery, carpets, bed linen, as well as cars.

Hums Al Zohoor – Velvet Bouquet embodies indulgence and opulence. This very fresh dreamy fragrance opens with succulent and sumptuous apples and red fruits meandering through a honey sprinkled floral accord, housed in vanilla and white musk.

Hums Al Zohoor - White Essence is a gloriously manifests elegance and power of an ambience. Juicy blackcurrants and tuberose supported by a white floral heart of gardenia, peony and orange blossoms lend sophistication while mesmerizing musk blending in warm amber infuse a lingering softness to this modern aroma.

Hums Al Zohoor – Ivory Touch is a tribute to purity and simplicity playing on the eternal and luxurious facets of rose. The fragrance brings to life the freshness of petals sprinkled with morning dew carried afloat the soft white musk and creamy and sandalwood.

Hums Al Bareya

Hums Al Bareya, is a premium ambience fragrance line formulated with precious ingredients and essential oils. The three modern ambiance sprays, play on intense, wild, dark, smoky facets of precious woods to lend a warm sensuality and abundance to homes, offices, upholstery, carpets, bed linen, as well as cars.

Hums Al Bareya – Darkessence is an intensely sensuous journey with the majestic agarwood at the heart of the creation-resplendent, powerful and diffusive. A peculiar blend of wild ingredients laced with warm spicy oriental accord led by saffron. While, castoreum enhances the animalic agarwood, patchouli and leather lends it a dark, smoky-lingering earthiness.

Hums Al Bareya – Majestic Noir is an ode to abundance, prosperity and opulence through dark and sensuous notes. The happy colorful addictive juicy opening note of dry fruits is lent by a spicy texture by saffron. Jasmine infuses a delectable floral poignancy, as leather lends strength and musk a white airy radiance to this beautiful fragrance.  

Hums Al Bareya – Wood Celeste is a divine potion of elegant woods. The fragrance opens with ethereal flower petals and radiant solar notes contrasted with deep tuberose and cedarwood notes. Musk lends elegance and sandalwood an earthy creaminess to this heavenly fragrance.


The Ahwak series is delicately carved with Rasasi oils that represent beautifully blended feather like delicate ingredients to keep a fresh, light and cozy feel.

A fragrance suitable for all occasions, Ahwak Al Asfar, pulls from the freshest scents of Green Apple and Marmalade to open this oil with bold, tangy fruits. The heart notes of Jasmine, Rose, and Vanilla Orchid center the fragrance with strong floral base and accent with sweetness. The dry down releases a sweet, dark note of Musk, Amber, Sandalwood and Ebony Woods.

A fragrance suitable for all occasions, Ahwak Al Fayrozy, pulls from the freshest scents of Bergamot, Lime, Mandarin to open this oil with a vivid Citrus blend. The heart notes of Orris, Lavender, Muguet, and Rose center the fragrance with strong floral base and accentuate the fragrance with ozonic notes. The dry down releases a musky, sweet aroma with notes of Amber, Vetiver, and Musk.

Ahwak Al Arujuwani, pulls from the freshest scents of Bergamot, saffron, and Geranium to open this oil in bliss. The heart notes of Muguet and Rose center the fragrance with strong floral accents. The dry down brings about a strong Sandalwood, Amber, Musk and Patchouli blend.

Bent Al Ezz

Bent Al Ezz Hana is a feminine, oriental perfume that evokes all your senses. Aromatize yourself with this beautiful fragrance that radiates sensuality. The all-new collection provides a unique combination of top note of Bergamot which cascades down to Jasmine touch and culminates with a Sandalwood and Musk tinge. The freshness to be maintained for a long time. This is perfect for both men and women. Its spice and woody profile makes it perfect for wearing during the winter and autumn months, or on an evening occasion. 

Douse yourself in the seductive and romantic Bent Al Ezz Nadiyah, a mesmerizing women’s fragrance. This sensual scent accents your feminine mystique with bold yet fragrant blend of fruits and gourmand. The scent notes for Bent Al Ezz Nadiyah unfurl in a whiff of citrus and floral opening top notes including bergamot and rose. The fruity and spice heart center notes blend in with fruity and vanilla while the deep amber and gourmand base notes leave an impression of amber, musk, caramel and sandalwood. An intoxicating, elegant fragrance that works well for day or night time use and serves to be a perfect accessory for special occasions.

The gentle musk scent of Bent Al Ezz - Nabah combined with sandalwood will draw you into a sweet and fruity composition. Step into the softly laid bergamot key, letting in a intoxicating jasmine that peeks and clears the path of sweet peach seduction with the generous contribution of rose. Other fruity tones of ripe and juicy pears, along with plum, settle in the vanilla intoxication at the end of the aroma.

Nebras Al Ishq

Nebras Al Ishq is a unisex line of three fragrance oils – Shorouk, Wahaj and Noor. An ode to modern love, the line reveals different facets of love, each hugely unique but also complimentary to one another. The line is inspired by a passion for additive gourmand notes entwined with the opulence of precious Oud. 

A rich and sophisticated scent that makes you sail through the day - Nebras Al Ishq, Noor. Intensely captivating and enthralling- Noor blends together enigmatic dark nuances of rose and oud with spicy cardamom in perfect harmony. The fresh top notes of lemon, orange and green accord lead to a harmonious heart of intoxicating rose and oriental Jasmine while an intense base of oud is gently sweetened by a touch of balsamic amber and patchouli.

Shorouk inspired by the aroma of the Mediterranean, exudes a mesmerizing sophisticated freshness with crisp top notes of bergamot, orange and lemon aloft a fruity heart deliciously blended in the indulgent facets of vanilla, amber and delicate white musk.

Wahaj is a tribute to beauty and radiance. This additive and refined fragrance oil opens on a sensuous floral bouquet of lotus flower, pure jasmine, majestic orris and damask rose. Oud imparts this opulent creation a magnificent signature encapsulating passion and transcendence.