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Intense Oud’s Sweet Smell of Success

In the spirit of Small Business Saturday, Intense Oud hosted an interesting event at the Experience Center, on November 25, 2023. Enthusiasts as well as customers gathered to celebrate with perfume enthusiasts and make it a memorable day.


The team worked hard to pack orders for visitors and the event was a huge success. The team still managed to make some memories and capture them on TikTok. Check out the video,

Find this video on TikTok

Scentsational Moments

It was an atmosphere that filled the air with sweet and amazing fragrances thereby making it an awesome place to be! Team Intense Oud worked so hard, although the process was interesting and entertaining when packing orders and serving customers. People were seen enjoying themselves, laughing, talking about their favorite fragrances, and simply having a great time. 

“2023 has been an amazing year for our business. In-Sha Allah, we look forward to even better year ahead,” said the team.

 - IO Team

Customers Cheer!

Customer review video, also on TikTok, was one of the event highlights.
In the video the customers tell about their great joy of the time spent at the Experience center when purchasing and testing the products. Such favorable feedback only confirms the significance of Small Business Saturday in developing ties between businesses and their neighborhoods.

The heartfelt message in the TikTok video depicts the commitment and enthusiasm that enable Intense Oud to create outstanding goods and services for their consumers. The team is optimistic about what the new year has in store and pledges to bring forth more impressive services.

The video on TikTok can be found here,


Vice President kamala Harris talks about Small Business

Small Business Saturday is an annual campaign that encourages customers to shop at small and local establishments. This gives the businesses a platform to exhibit their products and services to their community. Intense Oud used the opportunity to engage perfume lovers and demonstrate their unique and quality fragrances for the event.

"We honor our small businesses and it has been a passion of mine for many, many years to support these leaders. Ya know, our business leaders are community leaders, civic leaders. They hire locally. They mentor...And so, we're here to honor the work that's happening, understanding also that our small businesses in the United States actually employ almost half of the workforce that is not in public work, the government."

 -Kamala Harris,
Vice President of the United States

To sum up, Intense Oud’s Small Business Saturday was a hit, leaving both the team and the customers happy. The videos taken from TikTok portray the mood of the day and the real relationships developed in the festival. The company looks forward to its continued quality supply of fragrances to customers and the local economy.

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