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Musk is a very popular base note that is used in many perfumes. Musk perfumes have a animalistic earthy quality scent to it making it perfect for long nights out or even cold winter nights. 

Here are some of the very best musk perfumes we curated for 2024:

Musk Hareer EDP by Rasasi

musk perfume

Musk, is a series of three fragrances inspired by the rich perfumery traditions of the Middle East. Inspired by musk, a coveted scent from times of antiquity, the perfumer has created three unique scent journeys with the mystical and sensual white musk as the central muse. The precious high quality oriental essences harmoniously play along the contrasting, zesty and sparkling modern notes, creating rich and sophisticated signature expressions of timeless ingredients reinterpreted in a modern way.

Hareer is a magical fragrance that reflects the softness of silk. The fragrance opens on fresh aromatic notes of artemisia and davana. The seductive rose is the blossoming queen of the fragrance with a multifaceted combination of fresh Turkish rose essence and intense Egyptian rose absolute. The rich rose nuances are further enhanced and lent a sparkle by a modern red fruit zest of raspberry. In the base notes, white musks enhance the contrast of strong and deep woody tonalities of sandalwood and palisander, softened by an addictive and utterly sensual amber.

Top Notes:
Sparkling Lemon Rasberry
Middle Notes: Turkish Rose Egyptian Rose Absolute Damask Rose
Base Notes: Indian Sandalwood Amber White Musks 

Choco Musk EDP By Al Rehab

A very popular fragrance with gourmet tones is now also in the Choco Musk perfume water spray. The choco musk perfume is full of luring tones, dominated by delicious vanilla with a sinfully irritating chocolate praline. The creamy chords come with a caress of sandalwood, surrounded by the tenderness of a soft musk with a few glimpses of pink petals. In the choco musk perfume gourmet game, we sink deeper and deeper with the help of honey-sensual, velvety ambergris complemented by tones of oriental spices that show off the aromatic myrrh with warm-spilling cinnamon.

Top Notes: Warm Spicy, Amber
Middle Notes: Sweet, Powdery, Vanilla
Base Notes: Chocolate, Musky, Cocoa.

choco musk

Musk Mood EDP by Lattafa

Perfume Musk Mood Eau de Parfum by Lattafa Perfumes is a perfect white musk scent. Fine, soft and powdery, it spreads tender freshness and harmony. The top note spreads citrus and fruity notes without overwhelming. Here, the protagonist "White Musk" already shimmers through and gives an idea of the main mood of the perfume. The heart note is a mixture of floral scents, white musk, and vanilla. The base completes the perfume with white musk and sandalwood. A fine, light perfume with a comforting white musk as the tone-setting fragrance, which is well suited for everyday use.

Top Notes:
 Citrus & Fruity Notes
Middle Notes: Florals, Vanilla, & White Musk
Base Notes: White Musk & Sandalwood

musk mood lattafa

Opulent Musk by Lattafa


Perfume Opulent Musk Eau de Parfum by Lattafa Perfumes is a light and fresh soft perfume with an emphasis on white musk. White musk, saffron and delicate citrus notes form the opening top note. The heart note is light and floral with jasmine, white flowers and white musk. The base completes the perfume pleasantly with slightly woody notes. This is where sandalwood, cedar resin, fir resin, amber and white musk come into their own. A white musk perfume, with the typical innocent, fresh pure fragrances, but the base with the slightly resinous chords makes the perfume stand out from the mass of white musk perfumes. Like all perfumes with white musk, the perfume is very suitable for any occasion.

Top Notes: White Musk, Saffron, & Lemon
Middle Notes: White Flowers & Jasmine
Base Notes: White Musk, Cedar, Resin, & Fir Resin

Pure White EDP By Asdaaf 

Pure white Packed with white musk and cypriol oil as it base notes, the fragrance you get is bright, floral, and refreshing the moment it hits the air. The middle notes of white musk give a certain richness and class to the fragrance and the base of agarwood and white flower gives it a balanced undertone of musk and flowers. Use this perfume for any casual occasions, and you will surely make a mark on all the people you come across. This is a very clean and beautiful scent; go ahead and join the ranks of its fans and buy it now.

Top Notes: White musk, Cypriol oil
Heart Notes: White musk
Base Notes: Agarwood, White flowers

pure white

Mohra Silky Rose EDP By Lattafa  

rose perfume

Mohra Silky Rose Eau De Parfum is an eternal romance where litchi and rose greet the skin on the top note followed by the sensation of rosa centifolia and pink pepper. The development of the scent blooms with the essence of rose, adding depth and softness with musk and delicate young green lily-of-the-valley. The sweetness gradually summarizes to vanilla, musk, and patchouli base which create a long-lasting elegance and sophisticated scent.

This scent reminds one of roses which have been laid out to bloom and as if they are enveloped in a halo of sugar and mild warmth. Another excellent choice for an oil that embodies the right mix of romance and class for any time there is a need to make a lasting impression. Wear it and let its spell cast a magnetic spell on those who you cross paths with and leave everyone you meet with jaw dropping memories.

Top Notes:
Rose, Litchi, Pink Pepper;
Middle Notes: Rose, Musk, Lily-of-the-Valley;
Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk, Patchouli.

Types of Musk: 

Though present-day animalic musk is mostly synthetic and can be criticized as unethical to a certain extent, all types of musks add their special note to a fragrance. 

  • Animalic Musk: Originally sourced from the musk deer the scent is prohibited in modern use and is artificially produced to give the same warm, musky, and gamey attributes.
  • Synthetic Musk: These include artificial musks such as Galaxolide and Ambrettolide that are synthesized in the laboratory with a multi-use note, as mentioned above. Mainly, they are applied in recent fragrance production processes. 
  • Plant-Based Musk: The natural musk smells opposed to synthetic ones include softer florals that are refreshing; they are originally sourced from natural substances such as ambrette seeds.

How to Choose a Musk Perfume 

Deciding on the most suitable musk perfume is more or less a process of selection. 

  • Know Your Preference: Choose if you want to have a soft musk or immediate with a heavy and dense scent. 
  • Test on Skin: The final piece of advice would be: do consider spraying perfumes on your skin as musk can behave diversely to different people. 
  • Consider the Occasion: Fragrance specialist musks are great for the day while deeper musks are best for in the evening or night. 
  • Longevity and Sillage: Take note of how many hours the perfume lasts, and how far it goes. 

Reviews and Testimonials

Lashay Burns

Honestly just had the best experience, not only did they have an amazing selection but April was so incredible at helping me choose(which was impossible). She not only had tons of product information but we had a great convo and she was so kind. They have won me over as a lifelong customer! 

Ty'Quan Dodson

I love shopping at Intense Oud, April has been there every time I have to help guide me on my wild fragrance endeavors. I come in with an idea of what I want, whether it’s an actual fragrance or a scrambling of ideal notes and shes always able to make sure i leave with what i was thinking of!

Austin Alexander

I wasn't sure what to expect before walking in, but it exceeded my expectations. They had a great variety of scents, and a good selection of the ones I wanted to smell before buying. April and her coworker were amazing at helping me pick the perfect gift for my friend. The prices are reasonable, and I will definitely be back. 

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