Musk is a very popular base note that is used in many perfumes. Musk perfumes have a animalistic earthy quality scent to it making it perfect for long nights out or even cold winter nights. 

Here are some of the very best musk perfumes we curated for 2020:

Musk Naqaya EDP by Rasasi

Musk is a collection of three fragrances inspired by the rich perfumery traditions of the Middle East. Inspired by musk, a coveted scent from times of antiquity, the perfumer has created three unique scent journeys with the mystical and sensual white musks as the central muse. The precious high quality oriental essences harmoniously play along the contrasting, zesty and sparkling modern notes, creating rich and sophisticated signature expressions of timeless ingredients reinterpreted in a modern way.

Naqaya is a multifaceted dreamy, mystical and spiritual perfume, inspired by the purity of the white veil. This perfume opens on radiant bright hesperidic notes, softened by luscious-velvety magnolia and rose essence. The unique woody signature infuses a pleasant assertiveness to this fragrance which settles down like a second skin.  

Top Notes:
Grapefruit, Bergamot
Middle Notes: Mangolia, Violet, Heliotrope, Rose
Base Notes: Ambrox, Sandalwood, Vanilla, White Musks

Tender Musk EDP by Arabian Oud

Tender Musk by Arabian Oud, A distinctive fragrance with its elegant design and attractive composition, with special layers, start with Musk, the scent of wonderful Roses, ending with a high-end blend of refreshing Vanilla aromas to complement your attractiveness and elegancy.

Top Notes:
Rose, Lily of the Valley
Middle Notes: Dry Amber, Fruity
Base Notes: Musky, Vanilla

Musk Malaki Perfume Oil by Swiss Arabian

Capture the magic of the Arabian desert on a moonlit night. A bewitching silver harmony of flowers, amber and musk like a fragrant oasis under a starry sky. Ultra-premium, ultra-luxurious – Musk Malaki.

Top Notes: Lily of the valley
Middle Notes: White Musk
Base Notes: Musk, Ambergris

Attar Al Boruzz Jazeebiyat Musk Tabriz EDP by Rasasi

Glamorous. Intense. Regal. Jazeebiyat Musk Tabriz is a fragrant masterpiece that leaves a remarkable impression on all who encounter it. Inspired by the timeless scent of Golestan Park, this intense bouquet of Italian citrus, rich wild fruit and French cassis comes alive with a floral explosion followed by sensual notes of musk, Madagascan vanilla and the finest Indian oudh. A fragrant beauty that’s unsurpassed.

Top Notes: lemon, Italian mandarin, coconut, peach, blackcurrant and French cassis
Heart Notes:
Indian tuberose, Indian rose, Tuscan orris and Tunisian orange blossom
Base Notes:
amber, musk, Madagascan vanilla and Indian oudh

Arabian Musk Unisex EDP by Nabeel Perfumes

During the nights the desert meets the skies, the skies, meets the stars, and the travelers experience heaven in a world of stardust. The hot sands turn to cool shimmering dust that reflects the moonlight like the ancient mirrors that divined your future. Musk is the fragrance of human desire - a desire for more. Distilled from the wilderness and infused into fragrant perfumes, it triggers are basest desires - to wander more and love more. The top notes of refreshing mandarin, blackcurrant, strawberry and plum speak of the riches of earth, heaven and beyond. The middle notes of jasmine, rose and vanilla berries lead you straight to gates of gold. The base notes of sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla cool your brow after the journey of a lifetime. The fragrance is held in a mirrored bottle adorned with a puff spray. The fragrance is held in a contrasting jet black bottle to mirror its complexities.

Top Notes:
Styrax, Blackcurrant, Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry, Plum, Mandarin
Middle Notes: Benzoin Resinoid, Vanilla Berries, Jasmine, Rose, Leather
Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Oud, Mosses, Musk, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla, Floral


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