Enchanting Fragrances of Lattafa Khamrah Perfume

A Scented Journey

Lattafa Khamrah

We have certain scents in the world of perfumery that resist time and stay with us for a longer duration and leave a long lasting impression on our senses. Among so many perfumes that give an amazing blend of flowery pieces, Lattafa Khamrah is the one that is an irresistible intoxicating smell. From its opulent packaging, Khamrah by Lattafa Perfumes will not only give you a memorable olfactive trip but will also make you feel royal and sexy at the same time. Now, let's talk about the beauty of this scent and why this divine perfume is worth your valuable money. 

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The Art of Fragrance

Lattafa Khamrah has earned a place in the international perfumery by combining Middle eastern original scent styles of the past with modern inspirations. This developing brand from the United Arab Emirates, which has already caught the attention of the world's perfume users, mixes lovers and experts of fragrances. The perfumery art with the history of centuries appeared in the Middle East where people used perfumes to express their identity, feelings, and social status as well, in addition to using them as a means of personal adornment. Using modern interpretations within the traditional crafts helps Lattafa Khamrah build fragrances that are both timeless and universal. 

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lattafa khamrah

An Aromatic Journey

A fragrance experience is waiting for you to explore the amazing scent of Lattafa Khamrah. Scents with different layers, as the pages of a book in your hand, become a story on themselves.

 Top Notes

A Lattafa Khamrah fragrance's top notes establish its first impression. These are the lightest and most ephemeral odors, yet they are immediately noticeable. These notes, which range from tangy citrus to delicate flower bouquets, titillate the senses and beckon you further into the world of the scent.

Heart Notes

Heart notes, which are usually the ingredient used to "captures the scent's heart and soul," appear as the fragrance develops into a "full-bodied thing". These parts are basically what people reminiscence the fragrance by after applying it. Through the skilful combinations of different scents, Lattafa Khamrah gives images of gardens, and the echoes of faraway countries. 

Enticed Base Notes

The base notes reveal the climax of this olfactory performance. Long after the top and heart notes have faded, these intense, rich aromas remain. Warm woods, resins, and musks compose the base notes of Lattafa Khamrah, which leave an enduring effect on anybody who smells it.

Sustainable luxury

One of our other new product Khamrah Qahwa, a new fragrance from the world-famous Lattafa brand. Enjoy the unique aroma of Qahwa, a fragrance that will leave you with a trail of warmth and class. Let yourself be drawn into the allure of “Khamrah Qahwa”, where you indulge your sense in fragrance aroma at its peak.
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kilian angels share

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The "Clone" Question and Its Sources:

When these olfact experts compared this "Lattafa Khamrah" with the famous "kilian angels share" then differences in opinions can be seen. But we have to understand that just like the diverse and different perfumes, these fragrances with different fragrance inspirations may have similar sensorial qualities. Scenting two different objects give you a clue of similar scent they may have in their nature. With all that innovation going on within the fragrance industry, fresh interpretations and perfumes are created for their own special scent experience.

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