Shopping in 2021

In a day and age where everything is online; cloths, shoes, work, and even school.  An question that makes us wonder is: Can perfume make it online? Well the answer is, IT CAN'T! Perfume is a different type of retail business that just can't be shifted digitally completely. All other items you may be shopping for follow a simple process: you read about the product, view pictures, and read customer reviews. Although some perfume bottles look beautiful and make you want to spend all my money at a glance, its not enough always to love what's really inside the bottle. Perfumes need to be smelled before purchasing and how can one smell something through a computer, tablet or phone screen? 

Its a bit complicated, but we can break it down for you to help you prepare on how to find just the right fragrance online without leaving the comfort of your bed

Steps to Follow:

1.Do Your Research.  It is important to note where you are buying your product from and what brand the product represents. Some companies will sell discounted fragrances that will not turn up to smell good or not even be legit. It may also depend on the brand the product is from, research to find out whether the brand of the product your interested is well known and read what people have to say about their fragrances to get a grasp about their audience range. It would be good to also watch videos of bloggers and/or youtuber reviews for that specific product to know what others for the most part think about it. Lastly, be sure to check out the companies return policy just in case things do not work out in your favor. 

P.S. Intense Oud has been in business for over 5 years and aim to be the largest middle eastern fragrances distributor in the US. We represent 22 awesome, well known brands of perfumes such as Rasasi and Arabian Oud. We will not disappoint you if you chose to shop with us. 

2.Take a Fragrance Quiz. Prior to writing this blog, I did my own research to bring the most relevant information to you guys about how to buy perfume online. I stumbled upon another blog that mentions fragrance quizzes. Google "fragrance quizzes based on personality" and you'll find many awesome quizzes that will help you understand what scents will compliment your character if you aren't already aware. Great way to get started on purchasing perfume if you have never shopped for perfume seriously for yourself aside from receiving the random fragrances on birthdays or holidays that you never wore. Check out Intense Oud on YouTube, we make videos that visually illustrate the notes in perfumes and what effect the fragrance produces. 

3.Pay Attention to Descriptions. Fragrance descriptions explain the fragrance really well and work your way through the top, middle and bottom notes very thoroughly. Some are well written by professionals that crafted the fragrances themselves, therefore they describe the emotions and target audience they made the fragrance to target. Good firsthand accounts to glance before purchasing.

4.Know Your Notes. Its very beneficial for you to know what notes produce what smell. The four main families that notes can be separated into is : floral, fresh, woody and oriental. Floral scents include roses, jasmine, gardenia, patchouli, and other flowers. Floral is pretty easy to identify but the others can be a bit tough. Fresh scents are produced by citruses or greens. Woody scents are also slightly easier to grab as its hard to miss when something smells like woods or earthly. Oriental scents are big and bold scents that smell like all kinds of spices. These notes can go in depths based on what ingredient and what its mixed with, so its recommended to know what different types of notes smell like to mentally predict what a perfume can smell like. You can then narrow down what notes you like and don't like to look for or stay away from.

The Steps Listed Above Don't Work for You?
Heres Plan B:

If your still not convinced to buy a fragrance just based on knowing the notes, specially if you have hard time identifying notes then attempt contacting the supplier for samples. 

For samples from Intense Oud, please contact us! Chat with us at or email any of our team members whose emails can be found on our website.



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