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Iits scent is rich in charm, and remains imprinted in your mind as unmistakable and mysterious. The smell of Oud wood is full of character and is often combined with floral and musky notes. It is undoubtedly a fragrance that evokes pure luxury and exclusivity.

The Oud and its essential oil are extremely precious and rare and have a considerable success in perfumery sector. One of its qualities is the long-lasting persistence on the skin. Today many people use Oud to create particular fragrances, as it is considered the most precious ingredient of artisan perfumery.

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The term "Oudh" comes from the word Agarwood, which is an aromatic resinous wood that forms within some Aquilaria trees. Agar trees are grown throughout South-East Asia, India and Bangladesh.

In recent times Oud has gained considerable interest and popularity. When used in a perfume composition, oudh is most often use in a base note which induce very rich, heavy and long-lasting scents that tend to stay on the skin long after the others notes disappear in a perfume, it's likely you'll catch a whiff of it alone hours after applying it.

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How Oud is made



This is where the process begins - with the Aquilaria tree, in the vicinity of the Assam region.  

The process of infection and subsequent development of Oud Oil is completely natural and needs 60-70 years to mature. Man has not yet found a way to artificially infect the plant or speed along the process. It is therefore expensive with the best quality coming from India.


Hand Picked

This artisan is meticulously sorting through the unprocessed distillery chips as he removes the unusable wood, leaving only the sinking-grade resinous agarwood for incense and for the distillation degs to become oud oil.



 The extraction process is carried out through steam distillation. At the first stage, the Agarwood is immersed in water for a few months. Afterward, the soaked wood is placed in huge boilers where the water evaporates along with the resin and collected in condenser. The resin-soaked wood or Agarwood and the oil distilled from it are known as Oud!

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