Nabeel Deodorant - 150ML (5 oz) by Nabeel
The fragrance of the orient is one that tells you tales of royalty, beauty and magic. Now, Nabeel presents to you a fragrance that bottles the essence of the orient for all of eternity, ready to be spritzed on and...
Sold Out
Nabeel Black Deodorant - 150ML (5 oz) by Nabeel
Revel in this fresh, oriental blend of bright citruses, dazzling florals, and a strong base of aldehydes and musk. Experience this classic blend that brings fresh greens like basil, Ylang-Ylang, and Clary Sage with a unique earthy blend of oakmoss...
Al Ghadeer Deodorant - 150ML (5 oz) by Nabeel
A fragrance with a vintage vibe and yet representing a modern era charm. Its underlying hint of musk works wonders to lift your spirits. The warm depths of sandalwood are enhanced by the refreshing wave of patchouli. An exhilarating mix of citrus...
Nasaem Deodorant - 150ML (5oz) by Nabeel
This soothing fragrance is akin to a morning breeze that carries with it the whispers of the forests. A combination of delicate floral and woody notes this fragrance is delivered in deodorant form so you can stay fresh all day. ...
Tajebni Deodorant - 150ML (5 oz) by Nabeel
A skillfully crafted oriental fragrance that weaves together the delicate notes of saffron with the sharp notes of spices and earthy notes of sandalwood, this fragrance is presented to you in deodorant form to keep you fresh throughout the day....
Fakhar Al Nabeel Deodorant - 200ML (6.7oz) by Nabeel
Fakhar al Nabeel is perfect scent for everyone, it creates an inviting feeling and makes you fall in love with rose twirling around the aromas of white flowers and mesmerized by the sensual scents of lily, amber, musk and a...
Raunaq Deodorant - 200ML (6.7oz) by Nabeel
The gourmet tone of oriental fruit tones shows the unique transformations of Raunaq perfume. Our Smart Deodorants open with burst of fresh lasting fragrances with effective deodorizing activity. Its soft, sting-free formula protects your underarms while providing a pleasant durable...
Sa'ada Deodorant - 200ML (6.7oz) by Nabeel
Sa'ada denotes bliss and happiness, the captivating aroma of incense when lighted gives an enchanting feel. The scent has a sweet-smell of Vanilla, Coconut, and an aroma of a musk, patchouli and woody notes which will take you to the...
Kanz Deodorant - 200ML (6.7oz) by Nabeel
Open the treasure of life with KANZ, the complex layered fragrance makes a perfect fit for royals. A delightful blend of Saffron, Honey, Musk, Vanilla will transform your home into a royal scented palace. Our Smart Deodorants open with burst...
Khayali Deodorant - 200ML (6.7oz) by Nabeel
Khayali is symbolized as Imagination, a truly magical oriental fragrance created with rich ingredients like Saffron, Sandalwood, Rose, Cedarwood, Musk when ignited, will transport you to the imaginary world and fill the surroundings with the scent which is known to...
Habibi Lil Abad Deodorant - 200ML (6.7oz) by Nabeel
This scent is meant to evoke the nature of the love that exists in legends. The scent is created With sensual notes of rose, jasmine, sandalwood and patchouli. Our Smart Deodorants open with burst of fresh lasting fragrances with effective...

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