From the Manufacturer's Desk

In 1980, the seeds of Lattafa Perfumes were sown by Mr. Sheikh Shahid Ahmad and Co-founder Mr. Shoaib Iqbal, driven by a vision to craft exquisite, high-quality fragrances tailored for the discerning tastes of the Middle East. What began as a humble startup blossomed into a distinguished company, esteemed for its exports to key GCC countries.

In 1992, Lattafa Perfumes emerged, broadening its horizons beyond the Middle East, aiming to cater to fragrance enthusiasts worldwide. Today, with decades of passion and dedication, Lattafa stands tall as a premier manufacturer and supplier of opulent perfumes in the UAE, captivating an ever-expanding clientele both locally and abroad.

At Lattafa, fragrance isn't merely a product; it's an art form meticulously curated

by three generations of the esteemed Sheikh family. Our portfolio of perfumes and fragrances embodies sophistication, evoking unique personalities, leaving enduring impressions, and igniting positive emotions.

Lattafa Perfumes proudly boasts itself as the ultimate destination for luxurious and exotic home-grown fragrances across the Middle East and in 61 countries worldwide.

Shopping with us online offers the convenience of selecting from our diverse collection with just a few clicks, whether from the comfort of home or amidst the bustle of the office. Our knowledgeable staff shares a genuine passion for perfumery, ensuring our customers receive nothing but the best selection of perfumes in the UAE, all at competitive prices.

Warm regards,
Shiekh Shahid Ahmed
CEO Lattafa Perfumes