Eternal Oud Tester- 20ml (0.7Oz) by Lattafa Pride
This is a great hybrid of oriental scents with oud and aromatic notes. Oud can be intense for many and this perfume blends oud so well that its there but not harsh. It compliments the amber and vanilla so well. ...
Nebras EDP Tester - 20mL (0.7oz) by Lattafa Pride
Nebras provides a deep and sensual sweetness with an ever so slight aromatic touch. This fragrance manifests attention.  Top Notes: Red Berries, Mandarin Middle Notes: Vanilla, Cacao, Rose Base Notes: Tonka Beans, Amber, Musk, Sugar
Shaheen Gold EDP Tester - 20mL (0.7oz) by Lattafa Pride
Gold symbolizes luxury and birds represent freedom and eternity due to their ability to soar into the sky. This fragrance subtly hints at the longevity is provides and extends further into the breathtaking experience you will receive. Shaheen Gold creates a strong citrusy beginning until it gradually...
Al Qiam Silver Tester - 20mL (0.7oz) by Lattafa Pride
This fragrance provides a love at first smell experience. The first sniff of this fragrance will give you a strong citrus followed by a dry down of sweet citrus. It will linger on your body throughout your day and everytime...
Al Qiam Gold Tester - 20mL (0.7 oz) by Lattafa Pride
Al Qiam presents an overall sweet woody concoction with small hints of aromatic fragrances. The sweetness is derived from Amber and its mixture with Oud, Guaiac Wood, and Vetiver add an evocating warmth. This fragrance is suitable for everyday wear....
Al Areeq Gold Tester - 20ml (30.7 oz) by Lattafa Pride
Quite different than anything else you will smell for sure! It has black tea which adds this earthy sophistication. Paired with more warm notes such as saffron, suede leather, incense...actually all the notes are warm. Its an intense warm blend...
Tharwah Gold EDP Tester - 20mL (0.7oz) by Lattafa Pride
A fragrance with lasting sweetness. Do you ever wake up feeling so full of life? This fragrance is like that spirited moment. Tharwah Gold is a candied fragrance with subtle hints of floral scents inherited from jasmine, lavender and orange...
Shaheen Silver EDP Tester - 20mL (0.7oz) by Lattafa Pride
So what can you expect from this fragrance? The answer is quite simple, the feeling of royalty. Shaheen derives from Persian, signifying "Royal White Falcon." This fragrance can be categorized as a combination of everything you'll want in one bottle....
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Afaq Tester - 20mL (0.7 oz) by Lattafa Pride
Afaq in Arabic means the world, the universe, the horizons. Similarly, Afaq Gold takes you beyond the horizon with a beautiful sweet floral concoction. The beginning of this fragrance is an intense sweetness given through pear and cassis which does...
Winners Trophy Gold Tester - 20mL (0.7 oz) by Lattafa Pride
TOP NOTES: Pink Pepper, PlumHEART NOTES: Jasmine, RoseBASE NOTES: Patchouli, Vanilla, Musk
Hala EDP Tester - 20mL (0.7 oz) by Lattafa Pride
Hala is a sharp spicy blend. The top notes with nutmeg and pepper brings on warmth and spice. The heart notes add to the warm energy already established and ends it with a touch of smokiness at the base. Top...
Tharwah Silver EDP Tester - 20mL (0.7oz) by Lattafa Pride
Tharwah signifies 'Wealth".... Our interpretation of wealth in regards to this fragrance is the volume of experiences it provides you along with its heavy stance on the scale of longevity and projection. Its like taking a walk into nature after...

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